Filamento High Bay

A uniquely designed high powered LED highbay light with an incredible 133lm/W. Ideal replacement for metal halide discharge lamps with superior colour rendering and uniform light distribution.

Delivers the equivalent light output of a 600W metal halide lamp and can be operated on existing lighting grid. Available with either a GES-E40 cap to retrofit directly into existing metal halide fittings (compatible with control gear 175-600W) or with a hook support to wire direct to mains and replace any old fittings.

Lightweight aluminium construction.

Unique Thruflow™ design to minimise heat build-up and help ensure a long life of 50,000 hours maintenance free operation.

Features a dimmable intelligent driver 0-10V dimmable to <10%.

11250 - Krios LED High Bay 150W 50° GES-E40 Filamento High Bay • GES-E40 • Dimmable • 150W • 5000K 11250

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