Battery operated IP65 rated integrated LED portable worklight.

Sturdy aluminium and iron construction.

Includes carrycase, mains charger and 12V in-car charger.

Can be used direct from mains.

Ideal for tradesmen on the move.

5594 - PhoeCarry LED Portable Carrylight (IP65) 10W 6000K PhoCarry Portable Carrylight with Softcase • 10W • 6000K 5594
5600 - PhoCarry LED Portable Worklight (IP65) 10W 6000K PhoCarry Portable Worklight • 10W • 6000K 5600
PhoCarry LED Portable Worklight (IP65) 20W 6000K PhoCarry Portable Worklight • 20W • 6000K 5617
5709 - PhoCarry LED Portable Worklight (IP65) Magnetic Feet PhoCarry Portable Worklight Magentic Feet 5709

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