One-year On-site Warranty

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Terms and Conditions

To extend your standard product warranty to include first year on-site repairs or replacement of a faulty product from our on-site warranty range of LED luminaires, installed on commercial/industrial business sites, subject to the terms and conditions within this document and our standard terms and conditions of sale.

1: Conditions

Usage Limitations:

Commercial use: Up to 12 hours per day, 6 days per week, 52 weeks per year.
Totalling a maximum 3,744 hours usage during the first year.

1.1    Must be applied for and registered with Crompton Lamps Limited within 1 month of the initial purchase date from a Crompton Lamps Limited Authorised Wholesaler.

1.2    Applies only to new Products from the date of purchase from a Crompton Lamps Limited authorised Wholesaler. The Warranty is not available to Products that were procured second hand, at an auction, or by any other means.

1.3    Is valid only if the date of purchase is verified by a valid invoice and On-site warranty certificate number and any agreed return of the product is returned complete and together with the customer’s warranty registration number upon making a claim.

1.4    This warranty is non transferrable and is only applicable to the registered warranty holder.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

1.5    Unless otherwise specified and confirmed in writing by the Seller (in its discretion) and subject to the buyer producing proof of purchase of the Goods, Crompton Lamps Limited warrants (on the detailed terms of its product guarantee available through the Seller’s website or customer services department and subject to the exclusions therein) that the Goods will be free from manufacturing faults for a period of 1 year in respect of on-site warranty purposes only, from the date the product is first purchased from an authorized Crompton Lamps Limited wholesaler, provided the goods are properly used for their intended purpose in accordance with Crompton Lamps Limited’s applicable written operating instructions and provided that any such non-conformity is notified to the period of 1 month from the date on which the lack of conformity is detected. This warranty period may be replaced by the individual relevant warranty/guarantee terms for Goods as specified by Crompton Lamps Limited in warranty period that applies for the purposes of the remedies set out in Clause 1.4 below.

1.6    Crompton Lamps Limited warrants that it has a right to sell the Goods and that the Goods are free from any charge or encumbrance unknown to Buyer.

1.7    Crompton Lamps Limited at its choice will replace with same product or one of the equivalent specification, repair, rectify or take back Goods that do not comply with the warranty set out in Clause 1.2 above or refund or credit the Buyer with the price of the faulty goods concerned

But only if:-

1.8    Any defect appears within the warranty period and is notified in writing to Crompton Lamps Limited with full details within the warranty period or 7 days after its expiry and in any event promptly after noticing the suspected defect:-

1.9    Crompton Lamps Limited is allowed and is afforded facilities to test Goods and the electrical supply, is provided with the installation test certificate by the installer, is satisfied defects have not arisen after delivery or as a result of misuse;

1.10    The defect does not arise from fair wear and tear or acts of the Buyer or its customer including without limitation, wilful damage, negligence, lack of proper maintenance or servicing, failure to follow Crompton Lamps Limited’s instructions (whether oral or in writing) or misuse of alteration or repair of the Goods without Crompton Lamps Limited’s approval; providing the Buyer can produce proof of purchase of the Goods to Crompton Lamps Limited.

2: Duration

2.1    The On-site Warranty period of one year, takes effect immediately after the invoice date of purchase of the product and providing that the On-site Warranty registration has been validly registered and a certificate number has been produced by Crompton Lamps Limited.

Please note any claims made within the warranty period, must be made to the Business Development Manager or Agent of Crompton Lamps Ltd via the supplying wholesaler direct and not to Crompton Lamps Limited.

3: Exclusions

3.1    Crompton Lamps Limited shall not be liable for the repair or replacement of any product in the event that it has failed due to any of the following:-

  • Non-compliance with installation and safety regulations given in the installation instructions
  • Faults caused by the installer through installation errors including, but not limited to, connection to an incorrect or unstable power supply
  • If the Product has not been installed by a qualified electrician or authorized Crompton Lamps Limited installer if applicable by law or regulation or as instructed by Crompton Lamps Limited
  • Inappropriate use or intentional damage by the owner or third parties
  • Repairs carried out by parties other than a Crompton Lamps Limited authorised representative
  • External influences (e.g. weather, transit damage)
  • Glass breakage and defective lamps excluding LED modules
  • Use of non-approved parts such as lamps, care products and incorrect or third party supplied spare parts
  • Accidental damage
  • Exceeding the Product’s usage limitations
  • Damage to lamps and glass components

This extended warranty does not cover the batteries supplied in emergency variants, for details of the battery warranty please refer to our standard warranty document.

3.2    Crompton Lamps Limited shall not be liable for labour costs. Crompton Lamps Limited shall not be liable for any loss of profit, or any special, indirect or consequential loss, or any costs, damages, charges, fees or expenses except for liability that Crompton Lamps Limited is not allowed to exclude by law.

3.3    Crompton Lamps Limited shall only be liable for repair costs carried out by Crompton Lamps Limited’s approved technicians or authorised agents. If no fault can be found for which Crompton Lamps Limited is responsible, in accordance with the terms & conditions of the On-site Warranty, Crompton Lamps Limited reserves the right to invoice customers with reasonable costs in accordance with Crompton Lamps Limited’s rates (as amended from time to time). Crompton Lamps Limited shall not be liable for any loss of profit, or any special, indirect, or consequential loss, or any costs damages, charges, fees or expenses except for liability that Crompton Lamps Limited is not allowed to exclude by law.

3.4    Carriage costs of returned items are not covered by the Warranty.

3.5    In the event that there is a fault with a Crompton Lamps Limited Product outside the On-site Warranty period and as specified by our general terms and conditions, customers are encouraged to claim under our standard product warranty, subject to the warranty terms and conditions therein.

4: Services

4.1    If upon inspection a faulty item is considered beyond repair, Crompton Lamps Limited reserves the right at its sole discretion to provide the customer with a new Product or one of equivalent specification.

4.2    Any Product repaired or replaced under the On-site Warranty will be covered for the duration of the original On-site Warranty and no new Extended Warranty will be provided or implied.

* Please be aware this warranty does not include any associated labour costs, other than those incurred by Crompton Lamps Limited own technicians or appointed representative, provided any associated warranty claim is upheld.

5: Limitation of Liability

5.1    Crompton Lamps Limited’s total liability in connection with the provision of the Products shall be limited to the price paid by the customer for that Product.

6: Customer contact centre

6.1    In the event of any technical queries, customers are requested to contact the Crompton Lamps Limited Technical Helpline for advice and, if necessary, to arrange a suitable time for a visit from a Crompton Lamps Limited authorised engineer. For the helpline, please dial 01274 657088 Monday – Friday between 8.00 am and 5.00 pm, or email

7: Further contact

7.1    If you have any queries regarding the standard and/or On-site Warranty, offered by Crompton Lamps Limited, please contact our Customer Services department via email or by telephone on 01274 657088.

3rd September 2021
Crompton Lamps Ltd

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