LED coloured GLS shaped lamp.

Internally applied coating for vibrant, fade resistant colour.

The lamps are IP65 rated and when used with an IP65 rated socket they are ideal for outdoor applications such as decorative strings and Christmas trees.

They are also suitable for internal use.

GLS-LED-1.5W-Amber-BC-4085 LED GLS Coloured • 1.5W • Amber • BC-B22d 4085
GLS-LED-1.5W-Green-BC-4122 LED GLS Coloured • 1.5W • Green • BC-B22d 4122
GLS-LED-1.5W-Green-ES-4139 LED GLS Coloured • 1.5W • Green • ES-E27 4139
GLS-LED-1.5W-Yellow-ES-4177 LED GLS Coloured • 1.5W • Yellow • ES-E27 4177

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