Spectrum LED Downlight with ambient halo light and bluetooth app control.

The Phoebe LED Spectrum downlight is supplied with 3 bezels that feature a magnetic fastener for quick removal or change.

Stylised in white, chrome and brushed aluminium, they simply pull away from the fitting giving the user the ability to change the look of the downlight with minimum effort.

The centre spotlight has a beam angle of 40° and is tuneable from 2200K extra warm white all the way through to 6500K daylight.

It can also be fully dimmed from the smartphone control app.

The smartphone app can be downloaded from Google Play for Android devices, or App Store for Apple iPhones.

The app gives full control of the all the Spectrum downlight features and includes the ability to set-up multiple smartphone devices for multi-user control.

It allows control all the Spectrum downlights in a building by allowing the user to add lights into groups (i.e.

living room, bedroom) - or the group feature can be used to control specific lights in a room and create multi-colour displays.

The app also features the ability to set-up events to automatically turn on/off, colour change, or dim lights according to a time/day schedule.

9417 - Spectrum RGB LED Downlight 10W 2200K-6500K Spectrum RGB Downlight • Dimmable • 10W • 2200K-6500K 9417
Spectrum-Tuneable White-Downlight-Tuneable-Rim-9424 Spectrum Tuneable White Downlight • Dimmable • 10W • 2200K-6500K 9424
Spectrum-Smart-Switch-10420 Spectrum Smart Switch 10420
Bezel-Bronze-Antique-10512 Antique Brass Bezel for Phoebe LED Spectrum Downlight 10512
Bezel-Gloss-Black-10505 Gloss Black Bezel for Phoebe LED Spectrum Downlights 10505

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