LED Sign

LED coloured sign/pygmy ideal for retrofit.

Low energy LED coloured sign lamp with a solid colour finish internally applied for fade resistant vibrant colours and durability.

Full glass housing.

IP65 rated for use outdoors (only in a suitable IP65 socket).

Sign-LED-1.3W-Blue-SES-9073 Discontinued - LED Coloured Sign • 1.3W • Blue • SES-E14 9073
Sign-LED-1.3W-Green-SES-9080 LED Coloured Sign • 1.3W • Green • SES-E14 9080
Sign-LED-1.3W-Yellow-SES-9103 LED Coloured Sign • 1.3W • Yellow • SES-E14 9103
12820 - LED Pygmy/Fridge 2.7W 3000K SES-E14 LED Pygmy/Fridge • 2.7W • 2700K • SES-E14 12820 Only available in multiples of

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