Craftlight GLS

Specialist daylight coloured craftlight GLS lamp designed for artistic activities such as painting or embroidery.

The Craftlight lamp shows colours as nature intended by use of a special blue glass.

The blue glass absorbs the yellow part of the spectrum, giving a white light that closely simulates natural daylight and increasing the contrast between colours.

GLS_Craftlight-INC-60W-BC-CRA60BC Craftlight GLS • 60W • 3156.2K • BC-B22d CRA60BC Only available in multiples of
GLS_Craftlight-INC-60W-ES-CRA60ES Craftlight GLS • 60W • 3156.2K • ES-E27 CRA60ES Only available in multiples of
GLS_Craftlight-INC-100W-BC-CRA100BC Craftlight GLS • 100W • 3484K • BC-B22d CRA100BC Only available in multiples of
GLS_Craftlight-INC-100W-ES-CRA100ES Craftlight GLS • 100W • 3484K • ES-E27 CRA100ES Only available in multiples of

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