Safe Disposal Policy

How to deal with and dispose of a broken energy saving lightbulb or fluorescent tube (CFL).

Advice for Cleaning Up After a Broken CFL:

  • Leave the room and ventilate for 15 minutes or more
  • While wearing rubber gloves, scoop up glass shards and debris from the bulb with a stiff piece of cardboard
  • Avoid creating or inhaling dust from the broken bulb
  • Don't use a vacuum or broom to clean up after a broken bulb on hard surfaces
  • Place the remains in a plastic bag
  • Wipe up the immediate area with a damp paper towel put it in the bag as well and seal it
  • If you need to use a vacuum on carpet, place the filter bag in a plastic bag as well
  • Wash your hands after finishing the clean up
  • Check with local authorities on procedures for disposal. Mercury is a hazardous household waste and can't be thrown out with ordinary household waste

Recycling Compact Fluorescents - Many people don't realize that fluorescent lighting technology depends on the use of mercury. This includes the more familiar fluorescent tubes.

Recycling used bulbs is the perfect way to avoid mercury related problems.

To find your local disposal/recycling site please click on and enter your postcode

Further information relating to the safe handling, disposal and recycling of CFL's can be found at and

1st January 2017
Crompton Lamps Ltd

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