Fire Rated

This luminaire is certified for use in a fire-rated ceiling.

When a recessed luminaire is installed into a fire-rated ceiling; a cut-out hole is made in the ceiling to receive the luminaire. This hole decreases the effectiveness of the ceilings fire-rating.

To maintain the ceilings fire-rating, a luminaire that matches or exceeds the fire-rating of the ceiling must be used.

In the event of a fire, this fire-rated luminaire features a special intumescent material which seals the hole and prevents the fire from spreading for the duration to which it is certified.

All our fire-rated luminaires are Part L compliant to UK Building Regulations, Part B compliant to BS476 Parts 21 and 22.

They are suitable for:

  • 30 minute rated 600mm/15mm single layer standard wallboard ceilings
  • 60 minute rated 600mm/12.5mm twin layer fibreboard ceilings
  • 90 minute rated 450mm/15mm twin layer fibreboard ceilings

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