Point of Sale

Range of items for point of sale use.

Pleas discuss suitability with your agent.

For further info, please request with your agent or call the customer service team on 01274 657 088.
Cardboard Display Stand Crompton Lamps Cardboard Display Stand ZPOS-STAND
Flyers For Cardboard POS Stand Crompton Lamps Flyers For Cardboard POS Stand ZPOS-FLYERS
Slatwall Header Card Crompton Lamps Slatwall Header Card ZSlatwall2015
Exhibition Bag 2017 Crompton Lamps / Phoebe LED Exhibition Bag ZBAGS2014
3D Example Crompton Lasmp LED Smart Range Display Unit ZPOSSMART
4891 - Phoebe LED Mini-Link-Light Foam Header Board LED Mini Link-Light Header Card (POS) 4891
4893 - Phoebe LED Mini-Link-Light A4 Flyer (Shrink Wrapped in 50s) LED Mini Link-Light Pack of 50 Flyers (POS) 4893
Foamex Counter Display - Iris Phoebe LED - Iris Sunset Dim Trade Counter Display ZPOSIRIS
A5-Flyers Phoebe LED Spectrum A5 Flyers 9425
A5 Notepad Crompton Lamps A5 Notepad ZA5PAD
Pens Crompton Lamps / Phoebe LED Pens 2018 ZPENS2014
2019-Pen Crompton Lamps / Phoebe LED Pens 2018 ZPENS2019
carpenters-pencil Carpenters Pencil ZCARPPENCIL
Metal-Bottle-Opener-Keychain-White Bottle Opener ZBOTTLEOPENER
Trolley Coin Crompton Lamps / Phoebe LED Trolley Coins ZTROLLEYCOIN

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