Keto High Bay

IP65 High powered energy efficient integrated LED highbay light with 60° or 90° beam angle.

Features unique design to minimise heat build-up and help ensure a long life.

Keto has two unique design features that help ensure a long life.

One is a smooth heat-sink cover on the back to stop dust and dirt collecting and potentially increasing the temperature of the fitting and, secondly, the Mean Well driver is located is a housing that is separated from the heat-sink to keep it cooler and increase life.

Keto-100W-High-Bay-60-Degree-7642 Keto High Bay 60° • 100W • 4000K 7642
12479 - Keto LED High Bay 150W 4000K 60° Keto High Bay 60º • 150W • 4000K 12479
Keto-220W-High-Bay-60-Degree-7666 Keto High Bay 60° • 220W • 4000K 7666
Keto-100W-High-Bay-90-Degree-7055 Keto High Bay 90° • 100W • 4000K 7055
12448 - Keto LED High Bay 150W 4000K 90° Keto High Bay 90º • 150W • 4000K 12448
Keto-220W-High-Bay-90-Degree-7079 Keto High Bay 90° • 220W • 4000K 7079

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